Saturday, October 31, 2015

What does it mean? Halloween Edition: Rin and Len Trick and Treat

There's a lot of VOCALOID songs with vague meanings and I'm bringing back this series on my blog. So, in the spirit of Halloween and spooky scary skeletons I'm going to do the song Trick and Treat by Rin and Len Kagamine 

Original Japanese Romaji:
fukai fukai kiri no naka youen ni hibiku koe 
oide oide kono mori no motto oku fukaku made 
hayaku hayaku isogiashi de dekiru dake chikaku ni 
oide oide saa tanoshii 
asobi wo hajimeyou

shinamon suthikku wa mahou no sutekki 
hitofuri suru dakede shiroppu ga fueru 
nigasa sae wasurete amai yume no naka 
tengai ni mamorarete 
nemuri ni ochiru

gensou no saimin ni oboreta mama de ii 
mekakushi wo hazushicha omoshiroku nai desho 
ashimoto gochuui sono te wa boku ga hiku kara 
sono mi wo ima sugu ni 
yudanenasai saa

itsu kara ka ginen no ha ga mie kakure suru 
ai to iu menzaifu nado wa sonzai shinai to 
mekakushi no sukima kara nozokimita rantan ga 
utsushi dashita kage ni omowazu 
mi no ke ga yodatta

oya oya warui ko mou omezame desu ka? 
mekakushi ga toketa nara moumoku ni shiyou ka? 
hora hora warainasai kawaii okao de 
kegawa wo mata kabutte 

"...nee, choudai?"

doushita no sonna me de karada wo furuwasete 
atatakai miruku de motenashite hoshii no? 
saa naka ni ohairi koko wa totemo atatakai 
mikaeri wa poketto no nakami de ii kara

choudai hayaku hayaku 
nee hora ima sugu ni 
nishatakuitsu no gensoku wo kanagurisute 
mayakashi de motenashite amai mitsu wo sutte 
choudai yokose hora ima sugu ni


English Translation (done by me btw):

In the heavy heavy fog, bewitching voices resound through
Come here, Come here. Come to a deeper place of the forest
Hurry, Hurry, Quicken your pace and come near as you can
Come here, Come here, Now, let's play and have a lot of fun

A cinnamon stick is a magic stick
Swing it only once, and the syrup would increase
Forgetting all even bitterness, you're now in a sweet dream
Under a canopy, you drop off into sleep

Just be in a hypnotic trance of illusion
If you take off the blindfold, it'll take the fun out of everything
Watch your step. I'll lead you by the hand
Put yourself into my hands at once. Come on!

I can't remember when I found you became 
to show and hide the edge of suspicious in your mind
You came to realize an indulgence named "love" never existed
You peek at a lantern through the blindfold
And shadows lamp lit by it make you break out in goose bumps

Aw-oh. How naughty you are! It's too early to be awakened
If your blindfold was taken off, shall I make you blind?
Come on. Just show me your sweet smile
We'll put on fur again and put on a play again

Hey, give me that!

What's the matter? Why are you shivering and staring at us like that?
Would you like me to treat you to some hot milk?
Now, come in, it's so warm in here
All that I ask of you in return is what you have in your pocket

Give it to me at once! Hey, come on! Right now!
Flinging off a rule of choosing between two things
We treat you to tricks and suck the sweet syrup
Give it! Give us! Now! At once!
Give it to us!

Boom okay, So like this song reminds me of BDSM somewhat
and also kidnap and homicide. Perfect for Halloween!!  So with the first paragraph of lyrics lets analize it.

They're basically coaxing Miku (going off of the AMV) to come and "play" with them.

Otay, second paragraph.

Basically hypnosis is all I can think of. Or using kid type stuff to coax her into feeling safe with them. You know because cinnamon is a warm and happy and welcoming kind of scent.

Otay le third

Just be in a hypnotic trance of illusion. Now didn't i say that about the second paragraph hmm... Basically what they're doing now is tricking her so they can kidnap her and blindfold her (the bdsm I was talking about.)

Otay le fourth

Basically they tricked her by indulgence like with a treat and then they tricked her. See how the title of the song comes into play?

Otay le fifth

They're keeping her there by putting on shows. (The show would be their kindness towards her.)

Otay le sixth

She's scared of them, but they coax her to come back. Then they treat her too some warm milk and trick her by stealing everything out of her pockets.

Otay le seventh

She won't give them her stuff so they're agrevated and say "Hey give that too me right now!" and "We trick you and treat you to sweet syrup" Basically saying Hey i gave you all these treats you should repay us.